This group of Davenports is temporarily named the "Bedford Davenports" from where their Davenport ancestors first appeared in Virginia. Their Y-DNA match each other, indicating a common ancestor, however, they do not match any other tested Davenport group so far. We do not have proof of how these 4 lines connect, but they all have a Davenport ancestor that resided in the Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia area. The current belief is that they are all descendants of Joseph and/or John Davenport, non-paternal sons of Glover Davenport of Franklin County, Virginia.


Listed below are some of websites dedicated to researching this group of Bedford Davenports.  Each represents the complete line or information about its progenitor. If you know of additional websites that might fit this same criteria - please contact the administrator at info "at"

Kyle Davenport's comprehensive database of the Davenports in this Bedford line.

A good place to expand your research is the Davenport Archives website. It contains hundreds of Davenport related documents, photos, trees and includes lists of researchers and their interests.



The following are the known male branches of this group of Bedford Davenports. For our purposes a branch would begin with the sons of the 1st generation. If there was only one son then we would start with the sons in the 2nd generation and so on. We would like to test at lease one individual from each branch. The red highlighted entries are branches for which we have test participants. Of course we will accept any Davenport participants but especially need the non-highlighted branches.

If there are additional branches not listed or other changes need to be made - contact info "at"

1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation Notes Kit #


 Y-DNA Test Results

The Bedford descendents belong to Haplogroup R-BY3957
Click here to download an Excel file of these Y-DNA results

These are the Y-DNA results to-date of the participants of Bedford Line. The different row colors represent the separate branches of the line.  Click on the Kit # to view more information about the individual Davenport linage.  Newer results have a purple block to the left of the kit number. The Modal haplotype is what we believe the Y-DNA of the progenitor of this line looked like based on current results.  Red and blue cells show where an individual varies from the modal. Red indicates movement upward, while blue downward. Combined pink cells represent "connected" markers where the actual difference is counted as one.


The following people are participating in the Davenport Surname DNA Project.  You may view more detail for some by clicking on the link in the Ancestor column.    To email the participant, use the kit # followed by @ and then 

Kit #


Current Residence

Earliest Known Ancestor plus more

31214 Kato Davenport Losisiana Thomas C. (b. 1823 Kentucky - 1872 Texas) m. Malinda Hooker (b. 1828 Tennessee - 1847)
41189  David Davenport Arkansas

Charles (abt 1794 - bef 1850) > ?? > Joseph Davenport (b.Abt 1832-Tennessee - d. 1863 Tennessee) > Jubilee > Grover > Paul (1919-1999)

78802 Kyle Davenport


Henry (1790 Virginia - 1846 Jackson County, Tennessee) > Joseph (1819-1874) > Martin > George > Fred (1904-1961).
167140 David Davenport


Possibly Joseph (1789-1876).
30214 Deja Davenport Michigan John Davenport (b.1765 Bedford County, Virginia) > Isham (b.1805) > William (b.1841) > Randolph (b.1867) > Homer (b.1912)
239371 Bruce Davenport Indiana

Isham Davenport > Thomas Jefferson Davenport (b.1837 Washington County, Virginia  - 1928) > James (b.1869) > Paul (1907-1991)

252475 Danny D Davenport Oklahoma

John Davenport (b.1765 Bedford County, Virginia) > David (b.1815) > John (b.1856) > William David (b.1882) > Durward

47525 Mark Ellister
338011 Jeff McQuerrey




 Other Surnames