Albemarle - Richard Davenport (1642-1714) (No topics)

Richard Davenport was born in Kilby Parish, Leicestershire, England on 6 Sept. 1640. He was the son of John and Elizabeth Davenport. His family was known as the “Great Wigston Davenports”. Documented evidence indicates that Richard was living in Perquimans Precinct of North Carolina by 1665. He married Johanna (unknown) and had seven children. Richard Jr. born 2 March 1674, Elizabeth born 3 July 1676, John born 1 Nov. 1677, Sarah born 10 Oct. 1682, Isaac born 17 Sept. 1685, Susannah born 18 Nov. 1688 and Agnis born 17 Nov. 1691. Johanna lived to about late 1700 and Richard died by March 1714. Many of his decedents continued to live in the Albemarle Sound region of North Carolina and are known as the “Albemarle Davenports” in the United States.
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