English Lines

North American Lines

In North America, the Davenport line can be divided into two groups, the Northern and the Southern. Within each group, there are several, not necessarily related, Davenport lines.

The Northern Davenports currently consist of the following lines: The Rev John, Thomas of Dorchester, Captain Richard, Humphrey of Barbados, William of Fortham,  and the Mackinaw Davenports. There has been a long held belief that the five heads of Davenport families that settled in Boston prior to 1676 were somehow related. This included the Rev John, Thomas of Dorchester, Captain Richard, Humphrey, and Francis Davenport. No connection had been found, but the possibility seemed likely.

DNA results have now shown that three of the five Boston lines come from the same "stock". Their Y-DNA is very similar. This includes Rev John, Thomas, and Captain Richard. One of the Southern lines, the Albemarle's, also match this group. They descend from Richard Davenport who appeared in North Caroline by 1665. The Y-DNA of these four North American lines match the Cheshire Davenports [soon to be] mentioned above. They are related, and their most recent common ancestor will likely have lived prior to the 1600's. Due to some similar mutations, we believe that Richard of the Albemarle's is part of the Great Wigston Davenports of Leicestershire, England.

There is good evidence that Francis descends from Bramhall branch of the Cheshire line. However, the Y-DNA of his descendents do match any other Davenport line. A likely explanation is that one of the many stories of discontinuity in the branch may be true. The descendents of Francis Davenport moved south, settling in North and South Carolina, becoming what we now call the Newberry Davenports.

Humphrey Davenport of Barbados descendents remained in the North, primarily in New Jersey, and like Francis, does not match any other Davenport line. While most Davenport lines from from the R1b Haplogroup, the Humphrey line belongs to Haplogroup J1.

The Southern Davenports currently consists of the following lines: James River, New Kent / Hanover, Albemarle, Pamunkey, Tidewater, Newberry, Altona, and an Unattached line.

As far as we know, we do not yet any legitimate descendents of any James River Davenports, including Lancelot. Lancelot is not the father of Martin or Davis Davenport and the Pamunkey's. There is no evidence to support this theory, and those that believed they were Lancelot descendents ended up matching other Davenport lines.

The New Kent/Hanover Davenports began their time with the Surname Project labeled as Limbo Davenports. Their DNA testing showed unexpected connections among three test kit holders who at the time of their testing were believed to be James River Davenports, three well-documented Pamunkey Davenports, members of a Woodruff line, an Overton, and now several kit holders with surnames of Flowers, Sturgill, and Frederick. Extensive research correlating these DNA results with the extant historical record resulted in the discovery of the New Kent/Hanover Davenport line, now well established. Interested readers should read A Chronology of the New Kent/Hanover Davenports (2014), available here: http://www.randidavenport.com/my-works/the-new-kenthanover-davenports

We have become considerably more familiar with the Albemarle Davenport line since the DNA project began in 2003. We now know they connect back to the Great Wigston Davenports, as mentioned previously, based on similar Y-DNA. Once researchers knew where to focus their attention, the believed progenitor of this line is Richard Davenport, born in Kilby Parish, Leicestershire, England on 6 Sept. 1640. More detail here: Albemarle Davenport Analysis

The Pamunkey Davenport's --- to be continued.

With just one documented Tidewater Davenport, we don't have too much to report on this line yet. Although, we do have a couple participants tracing back to Pitt County, North Carolina that do match this Tidewater individual.

At the beginning of the DNA project, the Newberry line began with Isaac Davenport of South Carolina who died in 1749 in Granville, North Carolina. Based on Y-DNA testing we now believe he is the son of Francis Davenport (mentioned in the Northern Davenports). More detail here: Newberry Analysis

We only have a couple Altona Davenports, descendents of Abraham (1714-1789), participants, so we don't have much information yet. They match each other and belong to Haplogroup I1a. Since Abraham was born in England there is a possibility his ancestors acquired the Davenport name from one of the Cheshire branches.

The Unattached line is so named because we have several Davenports, with no known connections, that match each other but not any other Davenport line.